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Should you have a child return to school or remain home with virtual learning?

                                                                                   Medical Considerations

Regrettably, we do not have an answer for any family or child.  We would like to offer the following for your consideration.  These questions are  among the most important medically for you to address.

  1. Is your child having an expected successful learning experience with virtual or distant learning?
  2. Do you have a child with special educational needs that are not being met with distant learning?
  3. Does your child have any risk factors ( chronic diseases) that would predispose them to  hospitalization if they were to become infected with Covid?
  4. Can your child be relied upon to wear a mask continuously, socially distance appropriately, and sanitizer wash their hands frequently?
  5. What will be the impact on your family if your child is required, and thus your family and household ,would be required to quarantined for 10-14 days?  Financial?  Childcare?
  6. Are any household occupants  or persons that must be in contact with your child, at high risk ( age greater than 65, obese and/or with chronic diseases) for serious adverse outcome (hospitalization or death) if your child becomes infected and  becomes a ”quarantined contact.”
  7. Has the school your child will return to fully  adopted and implemented all of the safety recommendations of the “scientific community” and the CDC?
  8. Is bus transportation safe and “socially distanced”?
  9. Will you accept Covid vaccine when available for:  1. Your child     2. All household members?

As a Fairfax County community medical practice in this pandemic,  we will adhere to the most current evidence based scientific standards of care related to the Covid 19 in regards to our assessment and advice to our patients as well as advice in assessing and certifying  “return to school.”. This will likely change from time to time as knowledge of the Covid virus is learned. Please see the website below for the most recent Fairfax County / State of Virginia Health Dept recommendation.


The American Academy of Pediatrics , the major national organization and child healthcare advocate, has advice for parents:


We look forward to working with each family in this pandemic.

Our office structurally and our policies have been modified to address patient safety in regards to Covid. Please see the "Covid" tab on www.burkepediatricsllc.com. Check the website frequently and your email from our office for updates. Call for your child's health assessments, flu vaccine and visits for any illnesses. We have full PPE for our staff.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Return to School Medical Considerations