Burke Pediatrics, LLC 2022


BURKE PEDIATRICS is a practice OWNED by PHYSICIANS, CENTERED on the FAMILY, and COMMITTED to the COMMUNITY. We accept most insurance plans; therefore, changing healthcare plans will not change our care for you.

At this time, we do NOT accept Cigna Connect or Aetna Aexcel.

All other Cigna and Aetna plans accepted.

When considering insurance benefits, investigate the following:

Basic Well Child Care: Check coverage of immunizations, vision, and dental care.
Sick Care: Check co-pays, deductibles and what percentage of services (hospital, x-ray . . . etc) are covered
Specialty/Referrals: All plans differ in what services and specialist they cover

Children can be under their parent’s health insurance until they reach 26 years of age.

Please Note: Your insurance coverage is a financial contract between you and your chosen insurer. Many plans do not cover all the medical services that your child may need.  The office will offer and provide all the appropriate, medically necessary services.  If it is not a covered benefit under your plan, you will be responsible for the full charge of the service and must pay for it at the time of service.

Affordable Care Act

Implementation of the Affordable Care act started in this year. Health plans can no longer deny coverage to pre-existing conditions or cancel coverage due to illness. The overall goal of the legislation is to bring affordable, high-quality health care to everyone – which is something BURKE PEDIATRICS has always done.

This year you are required to have health insurance. Otherwise you may be penalized financially. If you have employer–based insurance, that may remain the same or they may elect for you to use the online insurance exchanges. If you have no insurance, you can also elect to use the insurance exchanges. Cost and services will differ between plans. Pick the one that works best for you and your family. See above for details to consider when looking into insurances. Subsidies are available.

For more information: https://www.healthcare.gov/marketplace/b/welcome/

If No Insurance or In Process of Getting Insurance

We do not want your children (our patients) to go without necessary preventive and acute illness and injury care. We understand that medical insurance can be expensive. We will try to help. If you do not have medical insurance, we are concerned.

Please be sure your children have all medically necessary care. With non-emergency illness avoid the emergency room and urgent care centers if you can wait until our office is open. They are usually much more expensive. You can always call for us for advice. Vaccines are provided free of charge to children without insurance via the Virginia Vaccine for Children (VFC) program. There is a $21 administrative charge for each vaccine.

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