Burke Pediatrics, LLC 2022


HPV 9 vaccine: new recommendations

With the recent introduction of HPV 9 vaccine ( added 5 components to HPV) it is our recommendation that anyone who received 3 doses of HPV ( initial  recommended series) receive and additional 2 doses of HPV 9. This will decrease the risk of female reproductive cancer from 75% to 90%...WOW prevent CANCER!!!!by 90%. Remember also that this vaccine is recommended for ALL females and male children  and should be given between 9 and 12 years in all children but no later than the 15th birthday  where it has recently been shown to be effective in 2 doses rather than 3. With this new recommendation to boost all HPV4 recipients with 2 doses of HPV 9, we are unsure of insurance coverage and will re-institute a prepayment  policy at the office at the time of each dose of HPV for those who have already received HPV4 only. We will bill insurance and when insurance does pay, we will refund your payment.  It is standard national  recommendation to complete all incomplete  HPV 4 series ( initially 3 doses ) with HPV 9 which we have been doing since HJPV9 became available.