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Televisits now available!

We are proud to announce our new capability: Televisits!
To avoid potential exposure to COVID-19, you may video chat with your provider.
Visits that are appropriate for Televisit include but are not limited to:
Physical Issues:
Developmental Growth
Toilet Training
Food and Feeding Issues
School Problems
Behavior and Conduct
Smoking, Vaping and Substance Abuse
Family Dysfunction: Marital, Adoption Issues, Sibling Issues
Please call our office for more details.
Thank you,
Staff of Burke Pediatrics

Dr Garner Explains Changes due to COVID-19

Coronavirus Updates

Please see the CDC's official Coronavirus Page for guidance.

Our current plan is to remain open to provide medical care to your children.  

We have developed an isolation plan for the office which will protect patients from potentially COVID-19 infected individuals.

We also have televisits available to avoid exposure for certain types of visits.

Our hours have changed effective 3-23-20: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Please read carefully:

Please call before arriving for instructions:

Our Waiting Room will now be the parking lot to isolate you from other patients while waiting and registering. Our new system will avoid any patient to patient contact. This is for your protection.

We have built temporary walls in the office to develop 3 separate areas for each type of patients.

The office will be decontaminated as usual following standard guidelines regarding rooms and equipment.  Additionally, we will be wiping down all surfaces that might have contact with patients.  Our staff will use the most available personal protection equipment, at times it will be “hazmat” equipment as medical equipment is not available in quantities needed for this emergency.

Policy: All patients will wait in their cars and be individually escorted directly into a “cleaned” exam room.

1.   All patients will be asked to wait in their cars and call the office from your car to announce your arrival.  We ask that only 1 parent accompany each child.  Adults and children 5 years and older MUST wear a mask.

2.   All office doors will be locked. Staff will come out and escort you in. We regret that this will take time; we appreciate your patience.

3.  Sick Children will be divided into 2 groups:

         a.  Respiratory problems (Children will be evaluated by staff in Personal Protective Equipment (Masks, gloves, gowns, etc.)).

              If your child has a fever and respiratory symptoms, you will be brought to the walled off respiratory area.

              You will be given instructions to wait in your car until someone comes out to escort you directly into an isolation area of the office

         b.  Other medical problems. Others will also be escorted in through another door directly into other rooms reserved for non-respiratory                  patients.
4.  Well Children will be seen in our separate office (8982 Fern Park Dr.) and provided care by separate staff adjacent to 8988 Fern Park Dr. (SAME BUILDING)

5.  Registration will take place over the phone when you arrive.  Call 703-978-6061 to check in from your car.

     Please email insurance changes (front/back of card) and all forms to burkepeds8988@gmail.com.

     Payments will be taken over the phone via credit card.

6.  Upon completion of your visit, you will leave the office immediately.

7.  Any additional matters will be addressed by phone. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

-Staff of Burke Pediatrics

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