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Now that the sun is out and the pools are open many parents have questions about protecting their children from sunburns. Here are some helpful tips  Read Full Story >>

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has

developed and assessed several tests for

the evaluation of head injury, particularly

concussion. If your child is playing a sport,

particularly American football, we suggest

you go online and obtain (download) the

following test and administer it to your child.

This will give us a baseline assessment for

a comparison test to use to evaluate your

child after a head injury. This is particularly

import to help us advise you when your child can return to school and other activates, after a concussion and the new recommendations for “cognitive rest” following a head injury of any kind.

Children 5 years old through 12 years old: “Standardized Assessment of Concussion” by McCrea


Children 13 years and older:  “ Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3” ( SCAT3)


We have the test in the office for us to use post injury.

Meningitis Vaccine Update
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