Burke Pediatrics, LLC 2022

William C Rees, MD

All of our clinicians have excellent training, credentials and are Board Certified. Everyday they continue to learn and to grow more in caring for children. It has been fun to watch our/your kids develop and then return as parents themselves.

Just as the metro DC area has changed and grown (and unfortunately, so has the traffic), so we have expanded to meet the needs of our families. We start early to accommodate school, commutes, and just life in general. Also, we have welcomed new physicians and nurse practioners to support our busy families. Kid's illnesses can never be planned and usually happen at the most inopportune time. To help you with these times, we started new walk-in hours both in the morning and evening. We also have extended scheduled appointments.

In addition to daily practices provided, we are proud of other community services.....

Our Background

Dr. Rees:

- Past President of the Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

- 10 years of service on the Executive Board of the Virginia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

-Medical Consultant to Fairfax County School System

Doctors & Staff

From the start, the founding partners set two main goals:


1) Superior medical care- We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics standards and protocols. These are developed through years and years of research and are constantly changing. In our office, your children's illnesses will be treated based on our extensive clinical experience and the latest and most current guidelines.

2) Individual personal Care- We want to discover what makes your child unique and to join your family through these growing years.

Our Services

Emily Scott, FNP-C


The professional medical community in Springfield and Burke is sorry to hear of the closing of Springfield Pediatric Associates (SPA) after  providing over three decades of excellent care. We know that you, the families and patients, are at a crossroads of where to turn to continue the health care of your children. Please let us help you make your decision a little easier.

We are honored that Dr. Shernock and Dr. Mayergoyz selected Burke Pediatrics as the preferred practice for the continued care of your children. We will be housing your medical records so that you can make the transition of care as seamless as possible.  Our office is just 2 miles down Rolling Road from Springfield Pediatrics Associates; we are located 8988 Fern Park Drive, Burke.

There is nothing to do if you choose to have the well trained clinicians of Burke Pediatrics continue the care for your children. Your children’s records will be at our office. All you need to do is call our office (703-978-6061) when you need an appointment. We have 24 hour phone coverage.  We participate in and accept most insurance plans.

Burke Pediatrics has been an integral part of the community in Northern Virginia for more than sixty years. We are staffed by three pediatricians, four nurse practitioners and a pediatric dietician. We specialize in newborn (including lactation consults), infant, child and adolescent care. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm and during the school year, Saturday mornings. We understand that life can be busy and children can get ill unexpectedly, therefore we always offer same day service and walk-in hours to accommodate all of our patients.

If you prefer to go elsewhere for your children’s care, then please contact us ( 703-978-6061) so we can copy and help transfer your medical records. We ask that you give us at least 5 days’ notice to coordinate this process.

Fred Garner, M.D.
William “Biff” Rees, M.D.
Zyra O’Connor, M.D.

All the Staff of Burke Pediatrics, LLC

Fredric Garner, MD

Dr. Garner:

- 2017. Founding physician of "first in the national" effort to develop and implement a medical office program to "prescribe food" for "Food Insecure" families called "Rx for Food".  See website: http://RXforfood.com

 - Chairman of the “Quality Improvement Committee, 17 years, of INOVA Fairfax Children’s Hospital

- Affiliate professor of Information Technology at George Mason University

-Founding Member of the “Four Diamonds Fund” of Pennsylvania State University, sponsor of the annual “Thon” campaign which has raised more than $90,000,000 for care of children with Cancer.

-Founder of the “School Nurse Practitioner “ program for the State of Pennsylvania

Dear Parents and Families of Springfield Pediatric Associates,